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Tour in Korea in May 2019 with Les Miserables in Concert.

Emilien is Alfredo at the Théâtre de Naples and at the Château de Romenay as well as at the town hall of Paris during the year 2018-19.

Roger  in Yes!  Maurice Yvain

Jean-Yves Aizic, musical direction

Christophe Mirambeau, staging

January 2016, Café de la Danse

Emilien is  Nardo  in  Il filosofo di campagna  by Galuppi  at the auditorium and orchestra of Valenciennes in February 2018.

He is  Claude  in  O my beautiful stranger  of  Reynaldo Hahn  staged by Pierre Catala and musical direction by Benjamin Lévy in February 2018.  

Emilien performs  in recital  April 8   at the Théâtre de Neuilly with Thomas Le Colleter at the piano, in a recital ranging from Schubert, Strauss, a, Verdi, Kalman ...

Ottavio  in the Guitarrero d'Halevy

  Alexandra Cravero, conductor

Vincent Tavernier, staging

June 8, 2015, Saint-Dizier Theater

June 14, 2015, Porte Saint-Martin Theater



Mozart's Tenor Solo Requiem

May 31, 2015, Paris

June 28, 2015, Chartres

Phi-Phi by Christiné


Crr 93

May 14-18, 2014

















Concert "melodies on texts by Alfred de Musset"

Luxembourg Temple

June 4, 2014











         Galathea by Victor Massé


                       Feb. 18, 2015



Belle Hélène by Jacques Offenbach


   April 16 and 17, 2015


Hervé's little Faust                    
  Déjazet Theater, Paris
  January-February 2014


"From Schubert to Broadway"

  Center Cerise, Paris

  February 2014

Michel legrand
  Theater of Villiers sur Marne
  February 2014


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